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AIPL’s wireless Diesel Generator Monitoring and management system is the first system that converts an ordinary genset into a smart DG. While running at full capacity, diesel generators are three times more efficient as compared to running on their partial capacity. This reduces the maintenance intervals and increases operational expenses.

The DG management system works on the principle of energy monitoring, auditing, and conservation. The real-time DG monitoring solution offered by AIPL remotely monitors vital aspects of the generator such as fuel quantity, coolant level, voltage, current, temperature, and running load with real time updates and alerts. The data helps in increased efficiency, better diagnosis and can be viewed from anywhere, anytime, through AIPL’s user-friendly web and mobile applications.

Near real-time monitoring

Fuel theft control optimise

Optimise DG utilisation

Alerts & Alarms

Key Features

The following are the highlights of AIPL’s DG Monitoring System

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The solution involves integration between diesel generator’s engine control unit (ECU) as a source of information and Gateway that captures the information on a pre-defined or configurable time interval

The data captured in the field and processed at backend platform serves as a valuable repository for diesel manufacturers as well as other stakeholders, like service partners, dealers and end-users

The integration is two way and helps in automation, monitoring and control in near real time. All this results in an intelligent and IoT/M2M-enabled product that can be monitored and managed from anywhere

All detailed raw and processed data is available on Cloud and can be used for health-check monitoring as well as scheduling operation and managing the end products anytime, anywhere through internet resulting into business gains in terms of efficient management and reduced cost of ownership
The Smart Diesel Generator Monitoring solution comprises integration of Gateway with the communication port of the engine control unit for capturing of the required data from various subsystems of the diesel generator and passing it on to the backend platform.

Gateway: A specially configured gateway of appropriate form factor along with appropriate firmware becomes a part of the diesel generator and gets physically installed within the product by the DG manufacturer. A suitable communication mechanism (RS232, RS485) helps fetch data from the ECU of diesel generator on a pre-defined/configurable time frequency. Additional peripheral measurement devices can also be installed on the DG if required. The Gateway has specially configured and provisioned APN SIM for communicating with the backend Cloud

Cloud: Once the diesel generator is installed and powered up in the field, the Gateway becomes operational and does the required communication through GPRS with Cloud. All near real-time data is received by the Cloud for further processing and persistence to make it usable for different stakeholders’ interest and appropriate utilisation. Any configuration or control command can be pushed from Cloud to the end-device without physically going to the field

Human Machine Interface: These are in the form of internet web interface or mobile applications. Usually, for B2B clients, web interface is available and for B2C, mobile apps are used. The HMI facilitates near real-time access, reports, analytics, alerts and notifications to respective user community


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