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Water is a precious resource and its management is important for a healthy living. Scientists predict significant water cost increment in the near future because of its growing shortage. With a qualified team and over five years of implementation experience in water management, AIPL has helped residential societies, apartments, irrigation agencies and industries in saving water and power.

AIPL’s fluid flow management helps monitor and control water parameters through an analytics dashboard presenting data in near real time for instantaneous and cumulative flow and level. The data can be accessed from anywhere and anytime. Detailed reports for day, month or year are available, helping in analysing and optimising consumption.

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Water management for large societies, townships or and institutional/commercial establishment is generally a complex and resource- intensive task. AIPL’s Smart Water Management solution provides an integrated platform for monitoring and control of equipment, like bore well motors, pumps, motorised valves, level sensors etc. in an optimised manner for fulfilling the water-related needs. The automated system helps reduce any wastage on the part of water as well as the energy utilised by various equipment

This has the potential of significant reduction of the expenses being incurred as well as getting closer to green concepts and reducing carbon footprints for a sustainable future. Based on the specific needs of an establishment, a suitable solution gets designed to meet the requirements.

All hardware components used are of industrial-grade quality that can withstand extreme weather and climatic conditions. The modules carry standard certifications and are IP 55 or IP 65 depending on the field requirements

The Smart Water Management solution comprises integration of Adaptors, Coordination Bridges and smart Gateway for capturing real-time data of various water storage resources like underground and overhead tanks and operate the equipment like bore well motors, pumping motors and motorised valves in a synchronised manner for optimal efficiency. At the installation site, multiple network configurations operate for capturing of the required data from various sub-systems involved and passing it on to the backend platform.

  • A suitable communication mechanism helps fetch level data from various underground and overhead tanks. The data from various sub-systems is collected by the respective Adaptors on a pre-defined time frequency. Several such wired networks operate in a tower/premises
  • Bridges help coordinate the activities across various subsystems through pre-defined rule based intelligence. Bridges also help communication with  Gateways that help communicate all the data to the backend Cloud for further processing, analytics, display and persistence
  • Several Adaptors and/or Bridges form a network mesh operating on RF 865 Mhz free band. Depending on the premises layout and number of various types of tanks to be managed, there could be one or more such RF networks configured and implemented per premises and communicate independently amongst themselves without any interference. All data for a RF network or subsystem gets aggregated on the Gateway managing that network and subsequently communicated to the backend platform on a secure GPRS private APN
  • Human Machine Interface: These are in the form of internet web interface or mobile applications. Usually, for B2B clients, web interface is            available and for B2C, mobile apps are used. The HMI facilitates real-time access, reports, analytics, alerts and notifications to respective user community


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